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1609925_10203698033985899_8963092881596517180_nAnyiné “Angie” Galván-Rodríguez, M. Ed

Educator. Blogger. Founder. Writer

Dominican born, Puerto Rico and Chicago raised blogger Anyiné (ann-yee-neh) “Angie” Galván-Rodríguez, identifies herself as a AfroLatina.  Her journey as a blogger, inspired by her daughter, began in 2013 when she decided to share her experience as she transitioned from relaxed hair to fully natural hair curls through her blog AfroLatina Natural. What began as a “naturalista” bilingual blog about her natural hair journey and hair product reviews, flourished into a pathway to embracing and confirming her identity as an Afro-Latina.  Her blog is a personal exploration of her personal experience of being an Afro-Latino/a in the USA.  In addition to sharing hair product reviews for natural curly hair and encouraging more women to go natural, she continues to share her experiences through an Afro-Latina lens as a mother, woman and educator.  Ultimately, she hopes her writing will increase awareness of the Afro-Latino experience in the USA and Latin America. Her “Pelo Malo” and AfroLatina  story has been featured on online magazines such as Boriqua Chicks, Dominican Writers Association, Es mi cultura, Mixed Chick’s My Hair stories series. She was invited as a guest panelist in the 2016 Lánzate conference,  hosted by Mijente in San Juan Puerto Rico to speak about the AfroLatina Digital Diaspora.  In 2017, she was a guest in La Verdad Podcast as a guest to speak about the AfroLatino experience. In 2017 theater serves as a vehicle to continue to raise awareness and share her story and was part of the cast of theater production “La Sala”, by Mike O productions in the fall of 2017. She performed her Pelo Malo monologue expressing her experience as a black Latina and the complexities of having “bad hair”. She is currently working on a project which will be her first book published.


Anyiné is a writer at heart and a middle school International Studies Curriculum coordinator by day. She is able to share her passion for authentic real-word application in education and fostering international mindedness among youth by coaching other educators be the window to the world for their students through their subject areas.


She is also the founder of the 2cities 1mundo community service project, that began in 2013, which raises funds and collects backpacks and school supplies to send to children in communities with strong Afro-Latino presence such as in her home barrio Los, Tres Brazos, Santo Domingo Dominican Republic and children in Loíza Aldea, Puerto Rico.




Founder of blog www.afrolatinanatural.com

Website: www.afrolatinanatural.com

Twitter: @afrolatinacurls

Instagram :  AfroLatinaNatural

Facebook: AfroLatina Natural

Email:  afrolatinanatural@gmail.com


3 thoughts on “About me”

  1. Hey Angie!

    I’m really excited about your blog. I was admiring your recent IG pix when I took a closer look at your bio and realized you were a blogger! I’ve been sitting on my domain for two years with plans of blogging.

    You’ve have totally inspired me to kick off KashRules.com before year end.

    Now that I know about your blog, I will be certain to support and spread the word!

    Best Wishes,

    Liked by 1 person

  2. OK… I’ve been looking for SOOO long for a hair blog from someone who has hair just like me. I’m afro-latina as well, but lots of the people I’ve found have a different pattern than me… Then I happened upon your site.

    I was actually looking for people with my hair type who have consistently been using Moroccanoil products to see the change in their hair. I went to the hair salon for the first time in ages and the stylist used their product line in my hair, so I was curious what it would look like with longer use. I’ve also landed on Mielle Organics products and I LOOVE what it does to my curls. Whats your opinion on both brands?

    Needless to say I’m so glad I landed on your page and hope to see more!


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