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Back from hiatus

As I gradually resurface from my fairly long social media detox, I’ve had the opportunity to reflect on last year. Clearly, it has taken me a little more than the usual two-day new year resolution phase we often go through after we recover from New Year eve celebrations. When I mean I reflected… I REFLECTED!… Continue reading Back from hiatus

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We are not the bastard children of Africa

Children of the African Diaspora are not the bastard children of Africa. We are the kidnapped child whose mother searches for relentlessly until they reunite. Like a relentless mother, Mamma Africa lives through us in spirit, music, dance, food family connections and beyond. She lives within us and hopes one day we return to her… Continue reading We are not the bastard children of Africa

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Lessons I would share with my 20 year old self #1

As I reflect on my journey, as my birthday month begins, I started to ask myself what would I tell my 20 year old self. Without changing any events in my life of course because they all have shaped me to be the person I am today. However, I thought about what simple advice I… Continue reading Lessons I would share with my 20 year old self #1

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Lánzate conference 2016

At the 2016 Lánzate Conference in San Juan, Puerto Rico posing with fellow panelist Raquel from BoriquaChicks, Omilani founder of Latinegras  and panel audience. I also had the honor to meet fellow Dominican and founder of the the Black Joy Project Kleaver Cruz.  

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 Una vista al arte de Eddaviel

Una vista al arte de Eddaviel Anyiné Galván Rodríguez - 10.20.16 http://www.AfrolatinaNanatural.com    Afro-Inks #8  Eddaviel Desde la primera vez que vi una de sus ilustraciones “Afro-inks”, las imágenes de Eddaviel me cautivaron instantáneamente. A primera vista, el arte de Eddaviel expresa primordialmente temas Afro-Dominicanos como enfoque.  Pero su arte va más allá.  Aunque imperante,… Continue reading  Una vista al arte de Eddaviel

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A mural to remember

I am no art critic but the new mural in Chicago’s Paseo Boricua in the Humboldt Park neighborhood is beyond captivating to the eye.  While driving on Division street with my friend Raquel from boriquachicks.com, we could not help to notice the colossal image of a black woman Bomba dancing to the beat of an African drum… Continue reading A mural to remember

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Living an Intentional Life

Life has always fascinated me.  I have always been captivated by its loops, sharp corners, slopes and sudden stops that lead you to adulthood. For most of my 20’s I felt like I was on this race to experience all those exciting twists and turns. I was on a race to meet all these pre-planned… Continue reading Living an Intentional Life

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New year’s  resolution: 5 tips to keeping it simple in 2016!

This upcoming year, I will be turning 35. I have no idea where time went but throughout the years, one of the lessons I have learned is to keep the New Year’s resolutions SIMPLE. It’s hard enough knowing that you may have not fulfilled last year’s resolutions as planned. There is no need to beat… Continue reading New year’s  resolution: 5 tips to keeping it simple in 2016!