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Lessons I would share with my 20 year old self #1

As I reflect on my journey, as my birthday month begins, I started to ask myself what would I tell my 20 year old self. Without changing any events in my life of course because they all have shaped me to be the person I am today. However, I thought about what simple advice I would tell 20 year old Angie. So they first thing I would tell her is to practice grace. Not surewhy that was the first of many but it came up for a reason. Somewhere in my subconscious that’s the word that arose. So for those of you that are in your early 20’s or starting your journey into your 30’s…I say to you, practice GRACE. Explore the word and all that it entails spiritually, emotionally and physically. Then, intentionally practice grace. Pick one aspect in your life where you want to focus on and practice. Reflect on it and see the amazing results and fulfillment it will bring. In the meantime, HONOR YOUR JOURNEY


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