I am my family/ Yo soy mi familia

Pushing forward

By Anyiné Galván-Rodríguez The 2020 pandemic impacted us all at different levels. In the blink of an eye, our lives changed, we quarantined and had no idea of what would come next. Whether or not we were considered essential workers, we all had to get acclimated to a new way of living. The majority of… Continue reading Pushing forward

Writing corner

Back from hiatus

As I gradually resurface from my fairly long social media detox, I’ve had the opportunity to reflect on last year. Clearly, it has taken me a little more than the usual two-day new year resolution phase we often go through after we recover from New Year eve celebrations. When I mean I reflected… I REFLECTED!… Continue reading Back from hiatus


Lessons learned from my 30-day Social media Detox

  What I learned during my 30-day Social Media detox If you are familiar with my blog, you may be aware that motherhood drives many of my inspirations in life. I’m grateful to have the honor and opportunity to raise two loving, intelligent and ridiculously funny children. I call them both my “Koalas” to poke… Continue reading Lessons learned from my 30-day Social media Detox


Petra problems

By: Anyiné "Angie" Galván-Rodríguez My closest friends and I know Petra very well. In fact, she has been in our lives since we were young but never really got to know her until adulthood. From time to time, Petra is the topic of conversation, specially when we call each other to share good news about… Continue reading Petra problems


Samba with Kristina Hayes

Dancing like it’s Friday Series:  Samba with Kristina Hayes  By: Anyiné “Angie” Galván-Rodríguez I have always loved dancing and fiestas. It has nothing to do with the fact I’m Dominican because not all Dominicans like to party. I think some people are just born finding joy in music and dancing, regardless of nationality or ethnic… Continue reading Samba with Kristina Hayes


How did giving thanks for 40 days changed my life?

40 days ago I began a “40 days of gratitude” challenge. Click HERE for initial story.  When I began the challenge, I was not sure what the outcome was going to be.  I wondered if it would genuinely make an impact in my life? Would I commit to it faithfully given my busy schedule? Would… Continue reading How did giving thanks for 40 days changed my life?


Leila turns 13

Beyond our NYC trip, shopping and sightseeing, I wanted to gift Leilani "Leila" something special.  I wanted to give her something that will serve as a tool for reflection throughout her teenage years. I prayed and asked for guidance and  an idea came to light. I asked 13 women that are part of her lineage… Continue reading Leila turns 13

Motherhood, Self-Care

Are you open and ready to receive love?

Last Sunday while in mass, the message for the service was to “Be open and ready to receive love and share it”. It was a simple message but very complex to answer if we really ask ourselves, are we truly open and ready to receive love and be able to share it? It’s really not… Continue reading Are you open and ready to receive love?

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We are not the bastard children of Africa

Children of the African Diaspora are not the bastard children of Africa. We are the kidnapped child whose mother searches for relentlessly until they reunite. Like a relentless mother, Mamma Africa lives through us in spirit, music, dance, food family connections and beyond. She lives within us and hopes one day we return to her… Continue reading We are not the bastard children of Africa