How did giving thanks for 40 days changed my life?

40 days ago I began a “40 days of gratitude” challenge. Click HERE for initial story.  When I began the challenge, I was not sure what the outcome was going to be.  I wondered if it would genuinely make an impact in my life? Would I commit to it faithfully given my busy schedule? Would it be somewhat of this monotonous practice that would grow tiring?

Don’t get me wrong. I have always given thanks for my family, health, shelter and food. These are non-negotiable categories on my daily prayer and meditation that never go unnoticed.  However, I wanted this challenge to push me to experience and practice gratitude at a deeper level. Ultimately the goal was to be more open to receive and share love. God’s love, others’ love or simply being open to be able to genuinely love myself.  So I began the challenge, unknowingly oof what the outcome would be.  Little did I know that this challenge will change my life in more ways that I imagined.

Although there are many stories and experiences I would love to share, I figured it would be easier to narrow them down to 10 lessons I gained from the challenge. Check them out below:

  1. Daily reflections of our moment of gratitude is one of the most vital tools for self-HEALING.
  1. . There are an abundance of ordinary moments on a daily basis that allow you to celebrate gratitude…even on our worst days.


  1. Being grateful  is a mindfull practice.  In this day and age that practice is harder than we think. It requires awareness of the world around us.  It pushed me to live in the present. I was constantly awaiting my moment of gratitude and so that forced me to live the present more fully.


  1. I realized often times, less is more. Love is in the small details.


  1. The world may be a tough place but there are some amazing people on it. A total stranger can grant you the opportunity to practice gratitude. I met some of the most interesting and powerful people during the challenge. They would randomly share their stories of strength with me. It’s like God was sending them to me like angels to send me messages and lessons. It was out of this world. Truly!


  1. The challenge pushed me to interact and connect with others at a deeper level. I even made connections with individuals that follow other belief systems or religions to connect to the creator. We found common ground in gratitude.


  1. Moments of gratitude  mostly happen when someone else is open to sharing kindness, peace or sharing their narrative with you. There is power in people’s narratives. My appreciation for people has grown tremendously.


  1. When you allow gratitude to be part of your daily practice, you attract vibrant positive energy into your life. God showers you with unexpected blessings. I’m not kidding!


  1. My perspective on life shifted to a higher level of transcendence and fulfillment. This is probably one of the most important gains from the experience.


  1. I feel more connected to God, love, people and nature. It’s like before the challenge, my soul was able to see primary colors and after the challenge it sees a wider variety of shades. That explanation may not make sense, but that is the easiest way I can describe it. This inner peace and transcendence I feel is truly multidimensional vibrantly colorful state of being.


I recommend the 40 days of gratitude challenge to anyone that may be in a moment of transition in their live. If you are feeling a void, hardship or in need of healing from an experience, this is a great practice to help you get through it.


Finding gratitude in ordinary moments has become a daily habit.  EVERY DAY I’m more open to receive  God’s love  as well as the positive energies that surround me, whether it be physical or spiritual. Maybe that was God’s message all along. Maybe his message was to fully live in the present and be grateful for it every step of the way. Maybe that is God’s way to indirectly prepare me for tomorrow’s wins and failures.

Today and every day after that,  I will be grateful for that  life-changing lesson.

Thank you for those that joined the 40 days of gratitude challenge with me. You kept me accountable. I’m honored you granted me the opportunity to share the experience with you.


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