Leila turns 13


Beyond our NYC trip, shopping and sightseeing, I wanted to gift Leilani “Leila” something special.  I wanted to give her something that will serve as a tool for reflection throughout her teenage years. I prayed and asked for guidance and  an idea came to light.

I asked 13 women that are part of her lineage or that I or she admires for their wisdom, selflesness, strength  and resilience to share a message they would say to their 13 year-old self as a form of nuggets of knowledge for Leilani.  And without question they said yes to my request.

I printed their messages and pasted them on the first 13 pages of Leilani’s personalized journal.


I believe it takes a village to raise a child. As I read these messages, I laughed and cried of joy on how blessed she is to have these amazingly beautiful women  as part of her support system. They are part of the village. These messages are priceless and I’m forever grateful for those that contributed to it. She absolutely loved it and told me “Mami, this is the best present I have ever received” as she teared up reading them. Those that know her know she loves things that are intentional and personal. She loves the human connection and authenticity  of someone’s soul.

As she begins her new journey as a teenager, I hope that these 13 pages serve as a  reminder that change is coming but she is NOT alone. God is with her as well as some amazing women she can turn to in case she needs guidance in her journey into womanhood. May God bless her journey…Leila’s journey.  #Leilaturns13


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