Lessons learned from my 30-day Social media Detox

  What I learned during my 30-day Social Media detox If you are familiar with my blog, you may be aware that motherhood drives many of my inspirations in life. I’m grateful to have the honor and opportunity to raise two loving, intelligent and ridiculously funny children. I call them both my “Koalas” to poke… Continue reading Lessons learned from my 30-day Social media Detox

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BoricuaChicks 5th year anniversary celebration

I am so excited for Afro-Latina Sisters Raquel and Rebecca, founders of BoricuaChicks blog, for the 5th year anniversary celebration of launching their website. These two chicas Rock! They have made a huge impact on the AfroLatina movement in Chicago and across the nation. I was honored to be personally invited to attend the event and… Continue reading BoricuaChicks 5th year anniversary celebration