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BoricuaChicks 5th year anniversary celebration

I am so excited for Afro-Latina Sisters Raquel and Rebecca, founders of BoricuaChicks blog, for the 5th year anniversary celebration of launching their website.

These two chicas Rock! They have made a huge impact on the AfroLatina movement in Chicago and across the nation. I was honored to be personally invited to attend the event and celebrate their accomplishments.

Guests had the opportunity  to take home goodie bags from Curls, listen to great music by  Joe Kollege,  enjoy delicious “Comida Criolla”, traditional Puerto Rican food,  to celebrate the success of BoricuaChicks! As a bonus, I got to chat and laugh with extremely funny and charming Chicago Comedian Melissa DuPrey.

Their blog highlights a variety of topics in relation to AfroLatinidad, entertainment, beauty and so much more. They are pioneers in the movement to promote awareness and empowerment of AfroLatino culture in the USA and abroad.

I wish these chicas much success in their continued journey as rock star “Blogueras” in the AfroLatino community and Latinos in general. AfroLatinas Rock!


Chicago bloggers Afrolatina Natural and BoricuaChicks
Blogger AfroLatina Natural and Chicago Comedian Melissa DuPrey

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