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We are not the bastard children of Africa

Children of the African Diaspora are not the bastard children of Africa. We are the kidnapped child whose mother searches for relentlessly until they reunite. Like a relentless mother, Mamma Africa lives through us in spirit, music, dance, food family connections and beyond. She lives within us and hopes one day we return to her in the form of unity. Regardless of where you fall on the transnational fabric we call the African Diaspora in the Americas, know that you belong. That you are NOT the unwanted child. You are NOT the bastard child. You are part of something greater than yourself. Intentionally make the connection with brothers and sisters in the Diaspora. Feel your ancestors within your roots. You will come to find, one of the most enlightening journeys you are about to embark in life awaits.

Angie Galván-Rodríguez
AfroLatina Natural

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