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Mixed chicks leave in conditioner

Product/Producto: Mixed Chicks leave-in conditioner (bilingual review)


Price: $19.99 (ouch for 10 oz.)
Step 1: After shower co-wash
Step 2: Put it all over hair
Step 3: Towel wrap-up for 5 minutes
Step 4: Swing my hair a few times and ready to GO!

3 hour follow up:
Cons: It stinks like “Alisado”( relaxer)!! I almost started freaking out when I put it on.  Flash backs of scalp burns came back. WHAAAA!!! Then I got over it.
My hair shrunk which I’m not too happy about.
Plus: Curls look hydrated, soft and defined.

Climate: Humid and hot! (That could explain the shrinkage)

Be free… why not?

Precio: $19.99 (ouch para 10 oz.)
Paso 1: Después de un co- lavado
Paso 2: Ponérselo en todo el pelo
Paso 3: Envolver el pelo en una toalla por 5 minutos
Paso 4: Sacude el pelo unas cuantas veces y pa’ la calle!

3 horas después:
Cons: Huele como “Alisado”. Casi me da un ataque pero me recordé de todas las quemadas al cuero cabelludo que aguanté cuando me hacía alisado.
WHAAAA!!! Después se fue el olor y me calmé.
Otra cosa que no me gustó mucho es que se me encogió el cabello, cosa que no me gusta.

Pros: Los rizos se ven bien hidratados, con brillo y definidos.

Influencia de Clima : Estaba húmedo y caliente que quizás contribuyó a que los rizos se me encogieran.

Libérate…¿porqué no?

3 thoughts on “Mixed chicks leave in conditioner”

  1. So I actually tried out the Mixed Chick’s product and I love it! I first tried out the shampoo and the regular conditioner and I thought it was going to leave my hair not so soft because after awhile of leaving in conditioners those were always my results….but na-ah! I actually loved that I didn’t have to apply anything but that leave in conditioner to pull off the natural tight curl look. I also considered buying the other products of the Mixed Chick’s like the deep conditioner and the serum and I love it all! The regular leave in Conditioner did give me flash backs to perms due to the smell but you can brush off that smell with adding a little bit of the serum (Worked like a charm.) The deep conditioner is also great. I applied it brushed or combed through it left it in for like 15 min and my hair’s resulted very very very soft! I’m content with these product and will continue with them….thanks for recommending it to me!!!!!☺😙😙😙


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