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I am rich

wpid-img_20150814_085946.jpgThis trip to DR was soul cleansing in more ways than one. Too many to explain and bore the random readers. However, I will share that I came back with an inexplicable inner peace and life perspective that forces me to seek for experiences with those that genuinely appreciate sharing moments with me. Who bring peace and joy into my life. Invest in those that don’t waste their time on gossiping and indirect judgements of others. I’m looking forward to continue to develop friendships and connections with those that see the glass half full rather than half empty. Positive people full of peace and love to share with others regardless of their social status or race. I want to share time with people that are full of appreciation of what they have been blessed with and don’t dwell on what they may or may not have because they are constantly comparing themselves to others. We are blessed beyond belief and we take it for granted wasting our happiness on complaining about the most insignificant things yet we fail to appreciate what we have been blessed with. I am rich beyond belief. I have a beautiful loving family, health and a roof over my head. Today is a day of new beginnings 😊


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