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Hair product review: True hair product line

Hair product line : True by made beautiful


Product: Co-Wash cleansing conditioner
(Lavado acondicionador revitalizante)
Shea, honey, coconut & mango

Pros : You did not need a huge amount of if for it to work.  It conditions the hair and it is easy to detangle just with your fingers.

Cons: I see myself using it as an “in between” the week use to help not dry out my hair but would not replace it for my regular shampoo.

Product #2 : Hydrating Hair butter
(Mantequilla hydratante para el cabello)

Pros: After applying my leave-in conditioner, I applied the hydrating butter to my ends and worked my way to the scalp. After my hair dried, it looked nice an hydrated and not greasy.

Cons: You can’t over do it on the amount because then it will take a long time for your hair to dry. It is just to use a small amount with more focus on your ends (for those with dry-ends syndrome like myself lol)

Note: Don’t mistake it for a deep conditioner. The hydrating  butter is more of a styling product  to maintain moisture to your coils/ curls/ or waves.

Overall: All hair types react differently  to hair products. However, it has no parabens or sulfates so they are worth a try.  I recommend them for those curly friends that are looking for more moisture for their strands.


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