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Hair Product review: Mixed Chicks 2017

Mixed chicks: New product launch! 

Watch “DIY Flaxseed gel for curly hair” on YouTube

Wash day: Mixed chicks Leave-in 

Product Review: Bumble and Bumble Curl gel-oil

Skin product review: Dead sea mask 

Hair product review: Moroccan Oil hair mask

This humidity does not faze my curls!

Towel dry and no gel again

Wild afro look!



1 thought on “Hair & Beauty”

  1. So, I’ve also tried a few different products for my curly hair. And I’ve come to the conclusion that the following products work for me:


    Mixed Chicks- the mild one
    Shea moisture- the restoring conditioner and shampoo.

    I also use the Mixed Chicks hair silk and a really light spray gel to control frizz.


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