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Isn’t Valentine’s Day just a Hallmark holiday?

As an adult many times you hear people complain that they hate Valentine’s Day, either because they don’t have a someone special to share it with or because they feel that is just a Hallmark highly promoted holiday to excite consumers in “investing” their money on red and pink decor right after New Year’s decorations are off the racks. Frankly, I’ve been on both sides of the fence even the times that I have been showered with pompous flower arrangements and sparkly jewelry. However, after much observation as a teacher I’ve objectively come to the conclusion that Valentine’s goes deeper than just a Hallmark overrated holiday. Valentine’s Day is different than Halloween and Holiday celebrations. It’s not focused on the candy they’re going to stuff their faces with. Nor is it focused on a specific religious celebration that happens to fall around the winter break that the atheist kid can’t ever seem to wrap his/her head around. Valentine’s Day or whatever label you may want to use, focuses on LOVE; any type of love for that matter. And as complex as this word may be to define, often times is simply what connects people regardless of their nationality, race, religious belief, or sexual orientation. Students today were elated to share Valentine’s Day cards, even when candy was prohibited. They were excited to just let someone know that they had this indescribable feeling they wanted to share. Valentine’s Day may be a highly overrated holiday; nonetheless, it celebrates the beauty at the core of all humans… LOVE or simply how my 7 year old defines it: “Mommy, love is kind, beauty, happy, share”. Happy Valentine’s day!!!
Call me a romantic if you will.

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