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Light orange snow covered hill

Standing on the hill covered in snow, I watched my husband and children trying snow -sledding stunts. These were no simple stunts daddy was showing them. These “stunts” are the type that will make any four and seven year old believe their daddy is the biggest dare devil in the world. “Look papi” they kept yelling out to prove to their father they had inherited some of his snow mastering skills. I laughed to myself as how interesting it was the three of them, Chicago born and raised, were showcasing their very own snow sledding skills in the middle of urban Humboldt Park and whose experience in the wintery wild was non-existent. They didn’t seem to mind the cold or the fact that the snow was turning a shade of light orange as it reflected the city lights around the park that most city kids identify as “CURFEW TIME”. And after a long day at work and as cold as I was with sleet hitting my face, I could not make myself yell across the hill that it was time to go home. The picture was beyond beautiful. To ponder that my children are lucky enough to share such a beautiful moment in time with their father, a treasured memory I never had the fortune to experience. At times like this I’m glad that through our ups and downs we have always managed to find our way back to the place that brought us together. Just another random unforgettable night in Chicago… frozen in time.


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