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Back to my curls… new color…new product


I tried for the first time this product called “kinky curly” and I absolutely love it! It gave me curl definition, shine and softness. The only downside was the price. It can get a little expensive when you have as much hair as me. I will just start getting on a hair budget!  I totally recommend this product. I bought my jar at Target but I’m sure if I look online I may find it for cheaper. Go Kinky Curly gel!


6 thoughts on “Back to my curls… new color…new product”

  1. I recently starting using this product about a month ago and I absolutely LOVE it! I’m mad I didn’t try it when I first heard about it.

    I definitely defines your curls, keeps them looking nice and tamed lol, and it conditions your hair at the same time. It’s an miracle gel 😉.

    For some it can be a little pricey but you have to spend a little to get good results. I’ve paid a lot more for a lot less. Good hair products can cost big bucks but this is Kinky Curly custard is worth every penny.


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