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Left-over treatments mix/ Mezcla tratamientos

“Not enough for this afro!”, it’s my line every time I have very little left over hair product treatments in my cabinet. I hold on to them with my dear life as if they are going to magically fill up again for me to use. Today, I got tired of looking at almost-empty-bottles and decided to put on my chemist goggles and mix them all into one super treatment.  I blow dried my hair the other day and my hair is SUPER dry. I crossed my fingers and hoped the hair gods will look after me and my sobbing  curls.

Hair treatment mix:




I mixed it up all the products (see pics above) and warmed them up on the stove to make it more like a hot oil/cream treatment.  Plus I thought that it would help the coconut oil liquify and blend with the other products.

Step 1: Shampoo
Step 2: Rinse my hair with 1 part water and one part Bragg ‘ s apple cider vinegar.  This adds shine and takes residue from hair.


Step 3:  carefully put my “mix” in my scalp and then worked my way to the ends.

Step 4: plastic cap and wait!


Step 5: Rinse off

Left it in my hair for 1 hour. Although if I had a hair dryer it would have been 15 minutes under hot heat.

Be free… why not?


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