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My afro in the tropics!

I have confirmed that my hair turns into a different beast as soon as it embraces the humid tropic climate. I'm back in my beautiful country, Dominican Republic,  for a short weekend getaway and as soon as my hair felt the heat... it turned into a different entity, that  the term "freeze ball" did not… Continue reading My afro in the tropics!

Embracing my roots... Literally! Aceptando mis raices...Literalmente!, Hair & Beauty

Left-over treatments mix/ Mezcla tratamientos

"Not enough for this afro!", it's my line every time I have very little left over hair product treatments in my cabinet. I hold on to them with my dear life as if they are going to magically fill up again for me to use. Today, I got tired of looking at almost-empty-bottles and decided… Continue reading Left-over treatments mix/ Mezcla tratamientos