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My afro in the tropics!

I have confirmed that my hair turns into a different beast as soon as it embraces the humid tropic climate. I’m back in my beautiful country, Dominican Republic,  for a short weekend getaway and as soon as my hair felt the heat… it turned into a different entity, that  the term “freeze ball” did not even come close to it !


It didn’t matter what type of gel I had, moisturizer or hair lotion prior to leaving Chicago.  All that did not matter when my hair said “Hola” to the cool ocean breeze. It’s like my hair wanted to have a fiesta with the humid yet cool salt infused  island breeze.


At times it behaved and at times I was walking around as if I had a huge brown cotton ball on top of my head.  I don’t know what was going on!

By the 2nd day I figured out a rhythm between the beach, pool, buffet “hair-do”. It wasn’t easy but I figured out.


Nontheless, I loved how I was able to let it be free. My hair expressed it every sense of the word.


Interestingly enough… it expressed how I felt being back in my
country for a quick re-set from the bitter cold back home. My hair and I felt…excited, wild and free.



7 thoughts on “My afro in the tropics!”

    1. Thanks Ashley. It’s always a never ending story with them. Just when I think I’ve gotten into the groove with hair… it surprises me! I did have a wonderful time in my country. You must visit one day!


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