I am my family/ Yo soy mi familia

Blue skies after all


After multiple flight delays and cancelations, gate changing, tired faces everywhere you looked and a sleepless 5 hour night at he least preferable hotel… all concluded into 24 hours of treacherous travel experience coming back home. We board our final airplane to reach our final destination,  that although it will be  welcoming us with frigid hugs and kisses to the face, it’s home…cold sweet home. I take my seat and my exhausted brain didn’t have the energy to produce enough endorphins to put a smile on my face. After all,  the window seat is my seat of preference since I was a child. I take off my coat, try to relax but it seems like an impossible task with all the random thoughts of things I need to do when I get back home and were delayed thanks to this horrible winter weather that threw a monkey wrench to my agenda.
I sit back, take a deep breath  and attempt to take it with ease and enjoy my window seat. I look out the window and contemplate the traffic line of airplanes waiting to take off.  The plane picks up speed and seconds later we were airborne.  Weather is not the most pleasant and we feel every air pocket and interruption to our smooth sailings.
We begin ascending through the sky and hit the gloom of clouds, turbulence does not let down, I check that my seat belt is fastened for the 4th time and hold tight to my arm rest.  Yet, I can’t take my eyes off the window although there’s nothing to see but gray and fog. After a few moments of short breaths and rapid heartbeats a burst of light starts to sneak through the clouds.  A few seconds later turbulence ceases, we reach clear skies above the clouds and all there is to see are beautiful blue skies and the sun beaming saying hello and caressing my face through my window.  It was a scene I had failed to remember and what gave my young heart as a child a sigh of relief and appreciation for the window seat.  It is at that moment, when I felt the warmth of the sun that surpassed the winter day below the clouds, that I remembered that above all the turbulence, delays and bad weather in life… Above it all,  the sun will always shine and the skies will always be blue.


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