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Mami hair chronicles: Marie A. Shares…

In spirit of Women’s history month, AfroLatina Natural is excited to begin “Mami hair chronicles” of Latina mothers sharing their stories of hair care and experience raising AfroLatino children /bi-racial children.

Marie from Chicago shares about her hair regime and journey raising three beautiful girls and how she empowers them to love their natural beauty.


“Combing my kids’ hair is always an interesting part of the week.
It is a very time consuming event in our home but also a great learning one (for us all).  While they obviously don’t have “straight” hair, they have very beautiful hair. I’m honored to be the one to remind them how gorgeous their hair is, even if society portrays different beauty.  While caring for bi-racial kids hair is a lot of work and an expensive investment on good products, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Our hair care journey is eventful every week, and I absolutely love watching YouTube with them to get new hair trick ideas!”

Thank you Marie for letting us share your story!

If you would like AfroLatina Natural to share your story please email us at afrolatinanatural@gmail.com




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