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Mami Hair chronicles: Daiana shares…

This week AfroLatina Natural continues with  Mami Hair Chronicles featuring Daiana sharing about her family’s weekly hair regime.



“Being raised by a Dominican beautician has taught me a lot about hair, especially how to care for it and take pride in it. Needless to say, hair care is a big deal at my house! My children and I have different hair textures and everyone requires different hair products! It’s amazing how you can have 2 children from the same Mom and Dad and come out with completely different hair textures!


For my daughter we do a weekly wash but before the wash I do a coconut oil treatment.  I apply it from root to tip and leave it on with a shower cap for at least 15mins. Then I wash with Redken Extreme shampoo then apply their deep conditioner which is also left on with a shower cap for another 15mins. Rinse and then to the hard work… blow drying! I apply a leave in conditioner and get to work and often times I flat iron after that. The whole process takes about 2 hours from beginning to end.

With my 2 yr old son, it’s a much shorter process. I able to do it in one hour. I wash with Johnson & Johnson thick and curly hair shampoo, then I use one of my deep conditioners and let it sit in for about 15mins while I scrub him down and let him play a bit. Immediately after getting out the tub, still wrapped up in his towel, I tame his curls! I use Kinky Curly custard. I divide his hair into 4 parts, and apply it as if it were a hair color so that I can evenly distribute it

 throughout out his hair

Grooming my children’s hair is definitely time consuming. It also costs me a pretty penny but it’s worth it. Good healthy hair requires go

od hair products, time and dedication!”

We continue to look for mothers who would like to be featured on AfroLatina Natural. If you are interested please email afrolatinanatural@gmail.com

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