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What do we tell our Afro-Latino children now?



What do we tell our Afro-Latino children now?

As we enter a new era in USA after the 2016 presidential election, many Afro-Latino parents may feel a sense uncertainty about what is to come and how it may affect their children. The reality is, we do not have control of what our children may or may not face in the future.  However, we do have control on what we can do for them as parents so that they are better prepared for any circumstance that may make them feel uncomfortable about their ethnic background and identity in the next four years and beyond.

As we begin or continue conversations with our children, we must remind them that…

They are loved by many.

They are valued.

We will do everything in your power to make sure they are safe. 

To never be afraid to tell you if they see, feel or hear prejudice towards themselves or others. 

To stand up  and speak up against unfairness. 

To treat others with respect regardless of their skin color and ethnic background.

They are part of what makes the United States of America great.

This is their America even if someone says otherwise.

Love will always overcome hate. 

Finally, inform them that before the right to vote, our ancestors fought and died so that today people of color can read. We must not take this for granted and read to educate ourselves about the past and present to prepare for a better future. Ultimately, we want what all parents want for their children…a better tomorrow.


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