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Say Goodbye to New Year Resolutions!

We’ve all been guilty of it. We have written down resolutions for the new year with hope that they will motivate us to jump on the “New Year, New Me” bandwagon.  We have either created a list of all the things and pounds we will be giving up in the new year or screenshots of random images, that will serve as reminders of resolutions that will remain in the lost untouched files that are just taking up space in our phone. We all have failed at them and then you hit a “deer in the headlights” moment when mid May comes around and you are far from that summer body you intended to work on. There goes the New Year Resolution list, it becomes a long lost memory, and “Oh what the heck! Bring on the Margaritas!”  becomes the new resolution because after all, who is really counting? You can’t keep up with a New Year resolutions list, let alone how many Margaritas you consume throughout the year.

Oh what the heck! Bring on the Margaritas!

I gave up creating New Year resolutions a couple of years ago when I realized they weren’t  ever effective. I think I stressed myself more creating the list than actually attempting to execute it into action.  Then at some point in the year, I would come across the file on my computer, and go through a whirlwind of emotions as I read all the things I totally failed to do. So I let go of it and promised myself I would no longer wait for the beginning of a new year to set short or long term goals for myself.  Ultimately, time is what I make of it and I don’t have to let social pressures push me to an anxious state of mind. Instead, I shifted to setting focused intentions.

“I gave up creating New Year resolutions a couple of years ago when I no longer found them effective.”


What are “focused intentions”? And how are they different from New Year resolutions?

The first thing that differentiates focused intentions to new year resolutions is that you can set them at any time in the year. Focused intentions are actions that you want to come into fruition in your “journey” not the “year”.   For example, instead of wanting a new “summer body” by the month of May, as a focused intention that new year resolution becomes an intention to be healthier so that you can live a healthier life. A healthier life will ultimately allow you to have a better physical experience in your late years on this earth. Focused intentions shifts from a “year to year” mentality to a “journey of life” mentality.   So if you don’t make it to mid May with your new summer body, instead of having a deer in the headlight moment you use that opportunity to set a new focused intention for a healthier lifestyle.

“Focused intentions shifts your mentality from a “year to year” mentality to a “journey of life” mentality.”

Focused intentions are not items on a bulleted list. They come from prayer, meditation or simply reflection. The key is awareness as you encounter experiences that don’t sit well with you. Experiences that your intuition calls for you to do something about. Listen to your intuition. It’s the little evolutionary gift our ancestors left behind for us to take advantage. As you begin to explore your focused intentions for your life’s journey, begin writing them down or recording yourself speaking them into existence. It will be more of thinking aloud rather than writing down a list of resolutions that are not truly intentional. Intentionality has a bad rep. However, being intentional means that you are acting with purpose rather than out of impulse or pressures imposed by society. Always explore your truth, what is best for your journey in this walk we call life, be intentional and be focused!


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