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Why is it important for us women to identify our Tribe?

By: AfroLatina Natural

It is important for us women to identify our Tribe.

As women, to reach our best selves, it is important to search for our life’s purpose, follow it and fulfill it. However, finding your purpose, let alone fulfilling it, may not be an easy task. It is a work in progress at whatever stage you may be in that journey.  As women, there are many factors that may help or sidetrack us from staying on track. Often times, we fail to realize that there are key people in our journey that will help us stay on the right path to reaching our best selves and follow our life’s purpose. Whether you are 16 in the midst of high school, 22 fresh out of college or 30 starting true adulthood, it is highly important that we as women IDENTIFY who are the people in our TRIBE.


You may be asking yourself: “What do you mean by “tribe”? I have my family… That’s my tribe! I have my close friends… That’s my tribe! There is no need to identify my tribe. I know who they are.”


It seems like an easy task but identifying your tribe is a lot more purposeful than just naming all the people in your support group or circle of close friends and family.

Not everyone that is in your family or close circle is part of your tribe. That does not mean that they do not play a significant part of your life. They do and they are necessary to your ultimate emotional well being. Close family and friends love you and care for you but they may not necessarily be part of your tribe. There are specific people in your circle that you MUST begin to identify as your tribe if you are on your journey to fulfilling your purpose.

Whether you are on the verge of finding your purpose or on the journey to fulfilling it, there are people that unconsciously or consciously guide us in that trajectory. Once you begin to identify your tribe, slowly you will start to see how things may begin falling into place that will facilitate clarity and assistance in your life’s purpose. Your tribe may begin small, grow with time and shrink again. What you must always keep in mind when identifying your tribe  is you must focus on quality rather than quantity.

Below are 3 questions that may help you identify your tribe:


  1. People who genuinely appreciate your accomplishments

Some people may care for you but they don’t necessarily appreciate your light. They don’t appreciate when you shine. It does not mean that they are bad people or don’t love you.  They may be dealing with so many other challenges or insecurities in their own lives that it is difficult to appreciate your accomplishments. You can’t fault them for that. Start reflecting on how people react to your accomplishments, big or small, and take note.  As women, we have great intuition. Use it and identify who genuinely celebrates your light.     

  1. Who brings you peace?

People that bring peace to your life may be someone you talk to everyday. It may also be a family member, a former mentor, an old time friend that you may not be in contact with on a regular basis. However, in some inexplicable way, when you come in contact, sit down for coffee or simply talk on the phone after several months of not chatting…this person brings you internal peace. You feel a sense of happiness, joy and trust when you bond with them. As you begin identifying these people try to label the emotions that they ignite in you. If most of the emotions are closely related to joy and peace, you may be on the right track to narrowing down the people in your tribe.

  1. Who truly knows your worth?

This is by far one of the easiest steps to really narrowing down your list to identify the people in your tribe. The people that truly know your worth are some of the most important people in your tribe because they know your potential.  If they have not told you already, you can openly ask these people in some shape or form, “What qualities do you value in me?”.  If they are able to explain  at least a few of your true qualities that they value in you, you may be on the right track. “You are a great friend” does not suffice. They must be able to have depth to their answer on the qualities that make you shine. People that know your worth are are not only aware of what positive elements you bring to their life but also what you have to offer the world around you. They also challenge you when they see the need to help you reach your highest potential. Ultimately, they will open up paths for you to find or fulfill your purpose.

As you begin identifying your tribe, you may or may not decide to share with the people on the list. That is a personal decision that you can make once your have solidified your list. Nonetheless, once you have identified your tribe, it is imperative you let them know through actions and words that you value them and you are invested in continuing to develop your connection with them.

Find your tribe. Follow your passion. Find your purpose.







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